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    Hi All!
    I'm new to the world of the Treo 650. I had to bring back the first unit I bought because the 5-way navigator button would stick. The replacement unit seems OK, though I've noticed that the button is kind of loose. I can jiggle it and all the other buttons (home, phone, calendar, ...) jiggle with it. This was not the case on my returned unit. It also has a barely recognized "click feedback" when I press the down direction of the button so it's hard to tell when I press it in that direction. Since it seems this button will get a lot of use I worry about what this "looseness" and lack of "click feedback" will be like a couple years from now. I got it at Best Buy so I think I still have a week or so to replace it. Is this normal? Am I being anal here? Any feedback would be welcome.
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    I would return it.
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    the looseness seems normal.... same thing here, you should have good click feedback though....
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    Thanks for the input. I think I'll return it tomorrow. I just hope my third one isn't worse.
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    All of the buttons will jiggle together, as they're all mounted on the same rubber sheet.
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