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    i've searched and searched this forum and nothing i've come across seems to phone is caught in a constant loop...when i hold up and reset using the stylus, it does stop the loop, but i can't go to the home menu to do phone wont turn on and i cant hot sync....what the heck am i supposed to do?
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    zero out reset or hard reset...
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    hard rest by poking the reset hole and hold the red phone button. This restores your device to its original state.
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    create a phone favorite for "applications". this should get you to the stock apps launcher without a reset. Then delete the offending app (check the phone error log ##377 or #*377 for gsm) and soft reset
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowmite
    zero out reset or hard reset...
    i was trying to do one of these tonight, but couldnt.

    has anyone ever done one with no help?
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    Hard reset involbes pressing the power button until the rounf palm logo appears.
    Should be easy.

    Zero-out is more tricky (press hotsync button on cable, up button and power button while pressing the reset hole with stylus) but can be done.
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