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    Has anyone else noticed that when using TomTom5, it will not release the bluetooth signal for about 30 seconds after leaving the program? That causing a problem when I want to use another GPS program. I have to wait 30 seconds before letting any GPS program, including TomTom to have access to the GPS again. Other programs such as Pathaway and CetusGPS that I have release the bluetooth signal right away so I know its TomTom. Is there a fix for this ? BTW, I have the I-blue GPS receiver, if that makes a difference.
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    I'd contact tom tom if I were you.
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    I tried, they never respond to my questions.
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    I use a Delorme Bluelogger and I have not noticed your problem. I can exit TomTom and instantly use my Jabra BT on the phone. I have found that if I don't answer until I exit TomTom, I can usually answer using my BT headset.

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