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    This is a plea for info from anyone using GoodLink and Chatter.

    I got a new job and a new company Treo. I was a little excited b/c it is the newest version of the T650 from Sprint (even new splash screen and phone tattoo). I am running the following
    T650 - 1.12a-SPNT
    Hardware: B
    PRL Rev: 10029
    PRI Cheksum 0xE172

    Since it is a corporate phone I have GoodLink installed on it V4.7.0.25 for my office mail. (This is the latest)

    I installed Chatter's latest and have had freeze/crash problems ever since (the last week). I went as far as a hard reset (several of them) and only installing GL and Chatter and still had the same problems.

    If you run GoodLink and Chatter I'd love to hear what your configuration is and your success or lack of success stories.

    You can see my original post at

    Thanks in advance!
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    Doesn't anyone run both apps successfully?
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    I do run Chatter and GoodLink simultaneously. I am running the latest version of Chatter but I still have Goodlink 4.0.
    I did notice a few more resets lately. After I had upgraded to the latest F/W upgrade I was relatively stable and then recently started having the resets.
    I realize now it may have been when I loaded 1.1.43p. If I had an older version, I would try to load it and see.
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    I found an old version of 1.1.2 and installed it. Things seemed to go ok for 1.5 days. I was very excited. Then outta nowhere it froze/crashed at the same 11:55-midnite mark while being plugged in. Bizarre.

    With your resets I'd be happier than a freeze crash. The problem with the freeze/crash (as I'm calling them) is that you don't know the phone is frozen and miss everything- alarms, emails, calls etc. With a reset (which I did have before) at least it comes back to life.

    My IT guys are replacing my phone to see if the problem is phone centric. I cant say that they know I was running programs other than ones they installed..otherwise they might have told me to jump in a lake.

    Fingers crossed that a new phone might help me out.

    I would think that there was a way to make things play nice...just hoping someone figures it out!

    Anyone else GoodLink & Chatter users? I find it hard to believe there aren't more of you!

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