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    The video's not that great on my T-Mobile service but thought it still newsworthy to mention. Download, installation and operation were flawless for me. The audio quality is decent but T-Mobile's bandwidth won't do the smoother video of my wife's Sprint service.
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    Its stilll nice that they are at least giving 600 users the option.
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    Hi - glad the word is starting to get out. I posted to mention this a few days ago at the end of another thread and I think it got buried. We will also be offering the 600 application through the Sprint vending machine ASAP. Also, wanted to mention a couple of other things:

    -We are now selling both 4-month and annual subscriptions to MobiTV for the 650, and the same will most likely happen for the 600 and TX as well. The 4-month doesn't offer a discount (it was intended for retail and gift giving convenience), but the annual sub is 12 months for the price of 10. I hope this is at least a nice bonus to those of you who would be subscribing for the whole year anyway and want to get a price break out of it. Check out Handmark's web site for details.

    -The TX application has now been launched and is also available through Handmark. It operates over WiFi (and theoretically over Bluetooth, although paired with a cell phone, it's not going to be able to keep up with the video feeds), and offers a different channel lineup than the 650, smaller but with a couple interesting additions like Bloomberg and Fox News which aren't available on any other phone yet. There's also a thread over at PalmInfoCenter talking about this if you're curious. See for details. LifeDrive compatibility is coming but not ready yet; you'd think it would Just Work, but you'd be wrong.

    Thanks again to everybody for all the support and interest in 2005, and Happy New Year!
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    Anyone try this? I decided I would give it a try. I would never subscribe (9.99 way too steep) but I tried the demo and it resets as soon as the guide is finished loading. Any known software conflicts? My T600 has been very stable until I loaded this. Oh well, would have been fun to just try out. Can't imagine the video would be smooth over GPRS (or very clear on the 160X160 screen). Time to delete.
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    What the heck? I want Fox news on the Treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taylorh
    What the heck? I want Fox news on the Treo.
    Yeah, Fox News alone may get me to re-up for MobiTV. I had it a few months ago and cancelled due in part to the limited lineup. However, they have added a number of channels including Fox News.
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    MobiTV is absolutely worth it....lots of channels now and most of them live.

    It's great for 15 minute viewing here and there.

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