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    After I'd managed to get TT 5.12 installed (due to a ton of help from the forums), I have been having a great time using it on my current trip... until the voice prompts stopped working after a friend of mine admits that he was jacking around on my SD card with FileZ while he was supposedly "just looking" (apparently I need to keep this app hidden). He says he doesn't think he deleted anything "but might have moved something". All the maps are showing up, and the app itself is fine, but now the default voice is no longer found in TT prefs.

    I don't have my laptop or my TT discs with me, and think that I have all the right files, but one or more got shifted out of the right directory. Can someone tell me a) what the default voice files are that are installed with a basic functioning installation and b) in which directory these files reside so I try to shift things back to where they were.

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    I think they are normally in the TomTom folder on the SD card. The file names I have in that folder end with .CHK and .VIF. They are matching, such as DATA06.CHK and DATA06.VIF. Maybe you can search your SD and move them back where they belong.

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