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    This is driving me insane. My phone froze within 24hrs of a hard boot without ever syncing it - plain vanilla with a few hand entered contacts. It's not my installed software.

    I upgraded to 1.04, synced, and it froze some time during the night.

    Now I'm trying another hard boot. This time I won't sync. I have zero confidence this will work.

    I can't believe there are still problems with these things. Please, someone tell me that if I get another VZW phone it might actually work.
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    My vzw 650 is doing just fine. I got it, upgraded to 1.04.
    I now have datebk5, powerrun, sharkmsg, and a bunch of other software (but I think sharmksg would be the best candidate for my phone acting up, but everything's great.)

    What's your hardware revision?
    I've got a B.
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    I have B as well.

    It just locked up. Sitting there, post-hard reset. I hadn't even made a single call with it!

    Sometimes it goes for 4 or 5 days. This time only 2hr.
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    I have no problems with my VZ 650 with 1.04 and HW B unless I overload the cache but even then it is a soft reset not a freeze - mine has never frozen on me. If I were you I would go get a replacement - especially since you haven't installed any extra SW. What is really frustrating is having to do a hard reset with lots of app installed and then having to go through a reinstallation, reentering reg codes, etc.

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    mines fine before and after the 1.04
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    On the phone with Verizon Data Services right now. Refreshingly, they acknowledge that there's a problem and I've gone through every troubleshooting step necessary. They're sending out another phone with a FedEx return receipt. Unfortunately, it's a refurbbed unit. Fingers crossed on that one.
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    Glad to hear they're taking care of it. The Treo is very unstable because of the NVFS, but what you're describing (freezing, as opposed to resetting) is different, and with no software installed shouldn't be happening as much as it is. Hope your next one is more stable. Mine has been much better lately, don't know why, but it might be 1.04.
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    I'm actually running 1.01 (Rev a) still on my refurb Treo 650. I haven't bogged mine down w/ alot, & mine is waaayyy stable!!! I love my Treo & my Treo loves me!!!
    I'm not weird... I'm gifted!!!
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    Out of curiosity... do you have your Treo configured for network time sync? I remember there being strong suggestions to leave that turned off to increase stability... but with so many new software versions and different networks, I'm not sure which combinations (or all of them?) it applied to. But it's something to try if everything else has failed to yield improvement...
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    Dont worry too much, I have found VZW refurbs to be quite good over the years. No scratches and internally they have given me few problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taroliw
    Out of curiosity... do you have your Treo configured for network time sync?
    I've turning network time sync off (lots of forum searching as I tried to track it down) and it didn't seem to make a difference.
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    Mine does not freeze and it has the latest update. God Bless.
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    No problems for my VZ 650. All good.
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    I wonder if it is a certain program that some people all have loaded or a combination of programs that makes your Treo 650 freeze up or reset for some people ??? Just a thought. God Bless.
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    my vzw 650 is bulletproof. hardware b, 1.03 rom, 5mb free.

    the keys to a stable phone are -

    1. buy a new treo only after 3-6 months of introduction and/or 1-2 rom upgrades. give them a chance to work out the bugs.
    2. buy from a reputable carrier - ie verizon.
    3. do a fresh clean initial uninstall then install with the CD that came with the phone. don't just sync it over with old software.
    4. always leave at least 1-2 MB RAM free.
    5. don't install any hacky software.

    if you do the above, your phone will be stable.

    have a happy new year.
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    problems with my Verizon Treo 650. I don't have a ton of third party apps on it though.
    Lock and Load!
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    Mine too is also stable, im hardware a ver. sometimes is freezes at nite but this is very rare. i also have a few extras on tehre, doc2go, filez, tcpmp, ect.. and very few problems, alot of those "referbs" are actaully very good and some liek brand new. someone returns within the 15 days cause they didnt like the phone, that turns into a refurb. no problems orignally just a change of heart. So i wouldnt worry to much about that. good luck
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    Just received my replacement 650. It certainly looks brand new. It also has 1.04a firmware. Newer is better, right?
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    Well, it lasted 6 days before freezing. Somewhere in a 20 minute period this morning after receiving a call it went dead.

    Current configuration: firmware 1.04a, hardware B, installed software of MobiTV on the device, "Bike or Die!" and pssh on a new 1GB Kingston Elite Pro card. That's it. Not even any of the included programs. I don't even read email with it.

    This time, I created a new account on my palm desktop and entered every contact by hand, then installed software individually.

    I'm really at the end of my rope with this phone. As so many others have said, I can handle crashes but a dead device with the green light blinking is absolutely ridiculous. How long have these things been out?
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    BTW, I tried #*#377 and it reported a crash on 1/9/06 in "Web". Fatal Exception (duh, thanks). Obviously, not today's problem.

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