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    Anyone know of a good USB 2.0 card reader that reads 2gb (maybe even 4gb) SD cards, Microdrive/Compact Flash, Memory Stick/Memory Stick Duo Pro, Smart media and others?

    I have tried like 5 different readers and they don't read my 2gb SD card (Corsair 133x 2gb SD).
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    I use the SanDisk 8n1 card reader. I am not sure what the "8" are but it reads my 2.0GB SD card and compact flash card without a problem.

    SD cards = Blue SanDisk 2.0GB and Ultra II SanDisk 2.0GB

    Cheers, Perry
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    I use the SanDisk 12 in 1 reader. Works great - no drivers necessary or anything. Cord is a bit short though.

    EDIT - I use a 2gb sandisk regular ole blue SD card.
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    I use a 1GB Sandisk Ultra II SD Plus card, which does not require a USB reader.
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    Good suggestions. I wanna make sure i get a good card reader. I have 2 of them. One reads my 4gb microdrive but doesnt read my 2gb SD card. The other reads my 2gb SD card and doesn't read my 4gb microdrive
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    I have this card as well.... and the 12-1 reader.... wish they had a 2GB SD plus card..... my 1GB is full.....
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    I had the same problem that everyone else had when I bought my A-Data 2GB 150x SD card. I got frustrated and ran down to Office Depot to see if there was a solution to get it to work. I stumbled onto the MediaGear Xtradrive see here At $9.95, here I figured I couldn't go wrong. I brought it back to the office, threw it in the computer and it worked the first time. I formatted the card, threw it into the Treo 650 and it saw everything.

    ***Special Bonus feature: I was walking around Costco yesterday (a dangerous thing for me) and saw an FM transmitter that had a USB port built in. It is like this but not the same brand (I couldn't find a link to the one I got and don't have the packaging at home). I bought it thinking that I would be able to hook up my wife's Ipod Nano or even my Treo 650 to play through the car stereo. What I realized was that by buying the Xtra drive instead of a traditional reader, I could now use this with the FM transmitter in the car to avoid using the Treo at all. I loaded about 1GB of music on my SD card (which usually is in the Treo) and plugged it into the fm transmitter. Simply amazing.
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    Say, rbenjami, does the Sandisk 12-in-1 need AC power, or can it get power thru the USB port? I'm looking for something easily portable, plug and play without drivers, and no AC power brick.....

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