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    I have an Alltel Treo 650, and I installed Snappermail, and have everything set up through Snapper.

    I was using Versamail (Thank God for Snapper), and I was wondering how I can re-install, or reset Versamail, so it is back to the factory accounts. I have 1 of my accounts that always syncs with my computer, and I can't get it to stop.

    Can anyone tell me how te fix it?

    Thank you.


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    In Versmail, go to Menu, Accounts, Account the account and click delete...that should do the trick.
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    goto palmdesktop and disable the hotsync conduit for versamail via the "hotsync" menu item, then "custom".
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    Having temporarily disabled Versamail in HotSync I'm now trying to make it work again. It won't and keeps giving an error message saying I must reinstall the Versamail Conduit. How can I do this?

    Last year there was a disucssion about this but it seems to involve rather drastic measures - surely there is a simple way???


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