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    I'm a very satisfied Chatter user. I see that a new version of MatrixSSL will be coming out? Please help explain to me what this is, who is it right for and why would I need it? I know I sound naive but I just don't know what this is. Thanks very much in advance for the education
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    I believe this is the Chatter add-on to allow your SSL email to be checked 'in the background' .
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    MatrixSSL is a generic SSL library that has been ported to many platforms. The port to PalmOS for ChatterEmail, known as ChatterMatrix, has been undergoing revisions for new releases of ChatterEmail. Very recently, part of the code was made ARM-native and thus has made SSL in ChatterEmail *very* responsive. Now we can have SSL in the background w/o the bugs of the PalmOS SSL libraries *and* have excellent performance and responsiveness.

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