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    Long time low tech Handspring user (all models). Miserable reception from the beginning caused me to get unlock code from Cingular, changing to TMO (good service). Whether using keypad, screen or favorites outgoing calls intermittently "drop" and return to phone pad screen rendering phone inop out or incoming (incoming calls then go straight to VM without ring/vibrate). Only solution is off then on (soft reset) which works most but not all times. Pamone has replaced the phone but the problem remains. I have talked to helpdesk fifty times and for hours. I have tried new sim trays and cards, hard resets to condition before any third party apps, renaming files (backup-old etc.)and problem persists. Way past frustrating. Cingular denies responsibilty because I am now with TMO, TMO denies because I bought from Cingular. Palmone says go to Cingular. See loop, endless.
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    TMo does not really have good coverage except in key Metro area. Even then there are spots of potential low signal.

    Can you list software installed on your Treo?
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    Tmo coverage is excellent here in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Cingular was very, very poor. The Cingular coverage caused me to get the code and to switch.
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    Oops, Your question. Whatever the modest software additions, Graffiti and Splash ID, after a hard reset with none of the software re-synchronized the phone STILL drops calls as described in my original post this PM. It has to be the unlock code supplied by Cingular. Doesn't it? Level 1s, 2s and 3s techs at Palmone cannot figure it out and I damned sure can't.
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    Does it drop calls even on plain vanilla (after hard reset)?

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