31. Installed 2day and 4cast updates

32. Installed AudioList 4.1.2. Uninstalled it pretty quickly. It is not Treo-friendly and has some issues with importing MP3's

33. Installed Cardkeeper. I think this is more stable and smaller than NotifyMe

That leaves Snap and UWK driver as remaining items.

After that, this thread is done!!

What helped? I don't know for sure. I am not using Push e-mail in Xpress Mail, not deleting Blazer cache on exit, starting Blazer to a blank page.

I have absolutely minimized the # of applications that run in the background. That's why I am not installing some applications I already own: VolumeCare, ProfileCare, Butler, VoiceDial, Uninstall Manager, Onguard Backup, BBVFS. I have 12.2 M free and am not using any 3rd party launchers.

I consider this a sucessful exercise. I haven't had a "loss of preference" reset since the beginning of the exercise 12/29/05, and just one reset in Versamail.