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    Is there any way to set WebPro as the default browser on a Treo 600? I am liking the way this browser performs MUCH better than Blazer!
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    Menu > System > Prefs > upper right corner, drop down to Default apps > Update Browser to WebPro
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    Thanks for your response, RonBo. When I try it, the only choice I get is Web. Even though I have WebPro on my Treo, it does not show up as a choice for the default!
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    You're right. It may be Webpro does not put an entry for the defaults.
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    I had WebPro and after about 2mo. when I hit OK on the "your not authorized..." it would exit WebPro. I tried deleating WebPro using LauncherX and reinstalling with the same results. I can't even find a registration code that works. Any help would good. Thanks
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    Hi, when I downloaded the free patched WebPro, it took care of that authorization problem. Go here and load this version:

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