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    It looks interesting but I'm wondering if anyone has used it?

    Improve the accuracy of your contact management. Using Call Log+ instead of the built-in Treo 650 call log, you can effortlessly use the information captured in the built-in call log more effectively. Keep track of when calls happened, with whom they took place, and what was discussed.

    Through accurate and reliable synchronization, Call Log+ for Treo 650 automatically associates this information with corresponding records in your Outlook Contacts folder. So, you are better able to keep up with important details. Which can result in more rewarding relationships with customers and colleagues.

    Take notes on calls listed in the Treo 650 call log. Even while you’re talking on the phone! Multi-tasking is a key time-saver.
    Synchronize the call log, including the notes, to Outlook Journal. With the touch of a button, synchronization is even easier than it sounds.
    See your relationship history with a contact in a single place–Microsoft Outlook. Call Log+ automatically links each new Journal entry to the Outlook Contact with a matching phone number. And adds those calls to the contact’s Activities list.
    Treo 650 Navigation. In contrast to the built-in call log, Call Log+ fully supports the convenient Treo 650 5-way navigation, so you can steer your way through the software just as you've wanted to. Quickly and easily with just one hand.
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    I would say most people with such needs () will be better off buying Agendus wich does this, and a whole lot more - for the same price....
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    When I saw the announcement for this app, I went into sticker shock. No, thanks.

    If I really need something like this, I'll pay ten bucks for Natara's Comet program. Not an exact feature-for-feature clone of Call Log+ but good enough and a third of the price. I use Natara's DayNotez and Bonsai on a daily basis and they give great customer support, so I'd likely support them back by buying their stuff.

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