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    Hi All,

    So, the Blazer browser bundled with the Treo let's you save Web pages, but only to the handset's memory (at least, as far as I can tell). Question one is, does anyone know of a way to save a Web page in Blazer to the SD card (or, to move the saved page to the SD card after it's been saved?).

    Alternately, is there another browser that would allow me to do this? I want to do this on the Treo itself...I don't want to convert Web pages on the PC to upload to the Treo....


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    just save your html and pictures files in the card directory "HTML", and open them in Blazer like this "file:///HTML/filenam.htm".

    PS. When I mentioned "save", you can save it on your PC and send html files etc to SD card by a card reader or free PFB.
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    Now you can use TreoOfflineViewer, which as a plugin for the Blazer web browser, makes it much more convenient to open HTML files from memory cards and to save web pages on the SD card.

    TreoOfflineViewer - save and load web pages from the SD card with your favorite web browser.

    Download TreoOfflineViewer from:
    RNS:: software for your Treo!

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