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    Hi all,

    I'm seeking a phone recording solution for my Treo that would allow me to record phone conversations to a tape recorder. I don't want to use the speakerphone, due to the noise around me, but I do want to record the voice conversation. Anyone know of a headset or a connector that would allow me to do this?

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    radioshack sells a little suction cup you can stick onto phones and then plug into your tape recorder. It has problems with some cell phones, but it might work with the treo. If not your only othr solution is to record with the speaker phone or splice your own input out of an old wired headset.
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    ...or possibly you can use CallRec?
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    Remember - taping of conversations without permission is illegal!
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    Quote Originally Posted by emair
    Remember - taping of conversations without permission is illegal!
    In many states just one party (like yourself) needs to be aware of the recording. There are many sites out there that summarize this. Here is one: In these situations you do NOT have to inform the other person.

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