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    Hello All...

    I've been researching GPS systems for my car, and decided using my Treo 650 would be the most cost-effective and easiest option. I dig the reviews about TomTom and almost bought the TomTom Mobile package. Now I read some very positive reviews about the Seidio4850, and it looks like a fantastic option.

    My question: what happens when a call comes in or you have to make a call while using the system? My carrier is Verizon Wireless - can I answer the call with my BT headset? Car speaker phones never seem to deliver on their promise, so I'm skeptical.

    Any feedback or advice is much appreciated.

    Happy New Year to all!
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    Hi Kltreco,

    You should be able to use your BT Headset just fine with the G4850 since you are on Verizon . If you make a call, you will interupt TT and then just start it back up when you are ready..if you receive a call you will be able to answer it with your bt headset and then TT should start back up after you pick up the call.

    There is an issue with GSM Based Treo's (ie Cingular/T-mobile) but CDMA (Verizon/Sprint) works fine.


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