I am on my second BT headset...I started with Logitech Freedom...way awful fit, **** ugly and very heavy. I have not been able to get it fit comfortably.

I have a strong preference for the in ear style headset using the Jabra ear gels, but there were very few to choose from.

I bought the Cardo 500 because it is incredibly light and has a great accessories kit with a sunglass clip, neck lanyard, charge and ear wire. When I received it I noticed that the inner side of the Cardo 500 that goes in your ear was about the same size as the bud for the Jabra headsets, of which I have three or four...hhmm...this could work....


And it fits perfectly...I wonder if this was done intentionally in design...

Right now I have it just pressure fit only because I may opt for a different size ear gel, but this one fits perfectly and even an aggressive shake of my head won't let the headset get loose or fall out. Even with adjustment of volume or the multifunction button, it stays in place. If this were a problem I could put just the tiniest drop of cyanoacralate glue on it to keep the gel in place.


So far I find the reception to be excellent. There is an annoying half second, very high pitched beep as the headset pairs the first time you grab a call, but it isn't a show stopper.

At this price point, and with the exceptiional light weight, and, now with the ear gel mod done...I think this is by far the best BT headset option.