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    Oye, TomTom Nav is not an easy critter to install...

    I have been using my new TomTom5 with the Palm BT GPS receiver all daywith no problems - that was until after I Hotsyncd.

    After that, I had multiple Sync Log Errors pertainint to the backups multiple file names upper and lowercase duplicates (I deleted the lower case versions as suggested in other threads) and also upgraded the software from the TomTom site.

    Now, when I try to run the Navigator app the TomTom startup screen appears after teh Carrier screen (New version does this) and a Blank White screen is all it gives me, and an impending reboot in a min or two.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Sometimes when I delete certain files from my T650 I get the white screen. I go back to backupman and pull up a date that I know the Tomtom works and I reload the programs. If you dont know what I am talking about then just reload the tomtom software from your desk top and do a hotsync with the tomtom programs to your T650.
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    Here is what worked for me. Remember, however that I have an unbranded GSM phone so your experience may vary. First, if you don’t have FileZ get it. It is free. Next, delete and re-install TomTom. Now, using FileZ find CurrentMap.dat and currentmap.dat and delete both files. Next, find your user file in C:\Progam Files\PalmOne\[userfolder] and rename the Backup folder “Backup.old”. Next, install your maps directly from the CD to the SD card using an SD card reader. Keep your fingers crossed a try a Hotsync.

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