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    I ran dbscan yesterday (for no reason .. just to check the databases) It found nothing wrong. This morning, I notice that my memo database is opened in an exclusive mode by some application. Resco Explorer would not back that file (it skipped it).

    After a reset, all my memos were gone and an application (4cast) was deleted from my RAM!! Very spooky.

    I restored from yesterday's backup and seem to be OK, for now.
    Are you sure Resco Explorer was explicitly directed to backup that file? I notice that it apparently does not include "new" files in the list of files to be backed up, by default, and I end up having to scroll through the list of files and hilight "new" files for backup.
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    In my case, Explorer always selects all files (130/130) in the first screen after I do a Menu - Backup RAM. On tapping Next, I select New and exclude old PIM DB's.

    Seems to backup all files (except the old PIm databases, meaning the fake Palmsource db's that Data Manger fakes).
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