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    hi guys, i am so frustrated.
    i have the insurance plan with sprint since day 0.
    i have dropped treo 650 more than a few times, but no screen cracks or anything.

    PROBLEM: ppl calling me are being directed to voicemail without the phone ringing. previously, this used to happed ONLY when i was surfing internet on treo or using verichat (by the way, is this normal?). NOW, happens all the time. also, friends say they get a few bells, then a wierd fast busy signal as they try to call me. two days ago the phone lost vision access. it often reboots during or after calls. i am soo annoyed. all they do at the sprint store is "reprogram" the damn thing and get it going. i really wanna just get a new one from them but they WONT approve replacement.

    ********can i myself mess up the OS or something so that they have no choice but to replace??*******

    i have no malicously intentions here, just think it's a lil busted up from the inside and wanna start fresh. thanks, ash
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    No reason to cross post.

    When you say they reprogram it...are they just doing a hard reset?
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    Sounds like a network problem. Have a Tier 2 tech fix your account and provisioning.
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    just posted at sprintusers
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    I'm no fan of Sprint's but from what you're describing it doesn't sound like they should replace it....yet. You need to do a hard reset on the phone and put the software on piece by piece. You need to make sure that you have done absolutely everything you can to make sure that it's not a software issue. From what you have described the first thing I would guess would be that a piece of software has corrupted your Palm. I would NOT recommend you try to mess up the phone yourself. They are not morons when it comes to anything involving money. You will just shoot yourself in the foot by doing that. Do it the right way and if there is cause for you to get a new phone it won't take them long before you're able to convince them.

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    I'm one of Sprint's biggest critics, but I'm a bit unclear about your issue here.

    Assuming the drops alone haven't caused the problems (a BIG "if"), after you've taken it to the store to get "reprogrammed" - does it work properly on a few test calls? Does it work fine after the store techs wipe it and/or reprovision, or do the problems start once you restore your data?

    I've had nearly every issue you list, and most were NOT phone related. You need to be insistent with Sprint or they will screw you around for hours, days and months, but make sure you have done your homework first and be sure it's not a conflicting software issue on your phone.

    If the phone has the issues after a hard reset and reprovisioning, make sure you bring it to a Sprint CORPORATE store and clearly tell the techs your plight. If it turns out to be the phone but due to your dropping it, pay Lockline their fifty bucks and get an undropped refurb (I guess you can drop it again "accidentally" to make the problem impossible to miss). Paying $50 to Lockline to get the problem resolved is often cheaper and easier on the emotions than talking to the brick walls that I like to call Sprint Technical Support.

    (In fairness, they do seem to be trying harder since acquiring Nextel, and I've heard horror stories about Cingular and Verizon that make me doubt they are any better and likely even worse).
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