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    Can anyone suggest a good quality, good range, good all around BT dongle? I'm using a G5, two G4s, and an old Compaq laptop. I'd like it to work everywhere, and I'd like to figure this reverse DUN thing out, but that's for another post.

    I'd also like to know why BT is good except for syncing, reverse DUN, DUN in general... that's about all I know. Can I do anything else cool with it?

    Any response is appreciated. Thanks...
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    I can't believe nobody has a single response to at least the first question here...
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    I used to use the D Link DBT-120, but now have some sort of Belkin dongle. (Sorry, can't remember the model.) They both work fine, and I'm like you, have both Macs and PC's.

    As to syncing, it's ungodly slow...USB cable is much faster. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Thanks for the reply... I'm wondering what, exactly, is the benefit of having BT if you don't have all them other wacky toys like a headset and a car with BT? Anyway, thanks for the help.
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    I have the D Link DBT-120 and it works fine for both Mac and Windows. Any USB BT adapter should work fine. Just make sure you are running latest WinXP and MacOSX on your machines.

    About the only thing I do with BT is DUN connecting my powerbook and Treo when I can't get a WiFi signal. BT won't get exciting until BT 2.0 (currently at 1.2) is common. 2.0 is faster and has supposedly better range. Using BT for anything else is excruciatingly slow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JordanKnox
    I'm wondering what, exactly, is the benefit of having BT if you don't have all them other wacky toys like a headset and a car with BT?
    That is why I don't have a bluetooth adapter. I am not a big phone talker. So I am not into the bluetooth headset. I only use the original headset that came with the phone if I am driving in a place that it is required, such as DC. But for the most part, I ignore the phone. Also, I rather wait until I get home or I am at work and I sync using the USB cable. Much faster for what I have heard. Maybe next year I will get a bluetooth GPS. But right now it would be more of a toy than something I really need. Maybe it would make things easy for when I need to use PDANet. Now, if I could find a bluetooth FM transmitter so I can listen to Shoutcast while driving...that is an idea. Maybe there is one out there...on my way to Google to search for one.
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    Incredible range.

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    I will agree that the linksys usbbt1000 has much greater range than most of the other bluetooth dongles on the market. the key is greater power output than is required by the specification and it also has a great antenna that you can rotate and position to provide better connectivity/effective range.
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    This one works great! Had a slight issue working out the COM ports but all is well now. I can link from 20-30 feet away if needed, but why. I always link with my phone in hand. Small footprint, easy to carry with the laptop.
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    i just outfitted my old ThinkPad with a Compusa BT dongle -- not exactly cheap (30 bucks), but it works very well. first thing I did was configure reverse DUN, which since I am anticipating being on the road a good deal soon, will be huge.

    the BT hotsynch is also sort of essential, at least for me, since i seemed to be having cable issues -- the cable issue with the Treo is the big annoyance here, and getting BT eliminates it. don't really know why i & others have had cable issues, though i've sure read a lot of speculation around here that makes little or no sense.

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