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    I was traveling and my T-mobile Treo 600 was damaged when something was dropped on it during its trip through the imaging device at the airport. At this point my insurance says they have no more Treo 600s and want to give me a blackberry (which I already have for work-without the phone connection which they won't connect). Everything worked before this incident and no software changes were made after the incident. I did try to hard reset the device to no avail. Here's the problem:

    1) The speaker doesn't work so I can't hear anyone on the phone.
    2) Calls hang-up when I plug in the earphone.
    3) The phone goes off by itself for no apparent reason.

    So does anyone have an idea on how this could be repaired? If not where's a good place to get a new Treo 600. (I don't want to spend a lot as I intend to get a Treo 700 once a GSM version comes out, but I need a phone for work).

    Thanks for any help.

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    You might try ebay. Probably find one under $200. Why not give the 650 a shot since you have to get a new unit anyway?
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    Thanks t2gungho,

    I plan to buy the Treo 700 when it comes out and an unlocked 650 is still $350-500. I will try e-bay.

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    I had some problems with my Treo 600 due to the audio connector. It started as no audio through the microphone, only through the headphone connector. After a while the audio connector came off inside the phone and rattles around. Now I have no audio on the phone at all. Fortunately it is under warranty. I think this happened in my case because I use the MP3 player extensively and the audio jack got jostled so many times the solder broke off off the connector.
    Your problem sounds like a poor connection to the audio connector on the base of the phone.
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    well i have disassembled my 600 and all of the speakers/Mic/ ect work off of contacts.. they arent hardwired.. might i suggest taking it apart and looking around?

    you will need a T6 Torx... a flathead i heard will work as well also the switchs and buttons are flimsy as well it might need be replaced... (you will only need to buy a new front housing if the inside has cracks/ chips that is causing issues (got mine with a new case and torx for 17$ on e-bay) also inspect the board for cracks and look for any brokens parts (diodes/transistors.... ect)

    also have you tried a different headset for the earphone plug.. i know most headsets have a "hangup" button on it..

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