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    I'm missing two case screws for my Treo 650, and I have been unable to get replacements. I've tried going directly through Palm, their preferred third-party vendor, and a couple other online retailers. Does anyone know how to get these things??

    San Francisco
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    While not a perfect fix, you might try this
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    Seriously sam.

    Anyway, I have not opened up my Treo but are those screws not available anywhere else, ie: electronic supply stores?
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    I lost like 4 screws, luckily my headset jack was broke and sprint replaced the device. Did you try contacting palm directly?
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    Oops, re-read initial post, and you did try Palm. Sorry. maybe try your wireless carrier.
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    I would send these guys an email

    They should be able to help you out.
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    you can probably live without 2 screws... take them out of the middle. you might also check an eyeglass or watch repair shop.

    I know there are cell repair shops in SF. You might be able to use something out of a Nokia or something.
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