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    hi. i use versamail currently on my treo 650. my problem is that versamail is not really seeming to use imap syncing. here is what happens. i get a bunch of emails. they can be viewed on my laptop (of course), and then they get delivered to my treo. obviously, the bulk of my email is managed on my computer, where i read/respond/delete/etc. to my emails. if i delete half my emails they stay on my treo. this sounds fine for a pop account, but the whole d@mn point of imap is to manage everything on the server and then have it push changes to any client you are using (i.e. my treo should connect to my imap email server, see they are deleted and sync any changes to my treo).

    am i doing something wrong here? does versamail just act like pop with imap accounts? is there another client that actually works the right way for imap accounts?

    thanks a bunch.
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    ChatterEmail does exactly what you want. It is optimized for IMAP.

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    Chatter Email is IMAP perfection. The GUI is DAMN impressive too.

    (Speaking of graphics, Marc, you may want to optimize some of those website images, They're awfully big file-size-wise)
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    Yeah, the site is slow... The Webmaster is a volunteer, so it's hard to "push", if you know what I mean...

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    thanks marc. i just downloaded the trial version. imap seems to work well so far, but i am having a bit of annoyance with pop. i want to delete pop emails on my treo (not the email server, just the treo) but every time it syncs it starts downloading hundreds of email all over again. how do i delete on the treo without it downloading them again? i used the "delete treo" option. thanks.
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    hi again marc. another pop account problem i am encountering. my smtp server requires authentication and i can't seem to get chatter to auth correctly. does chatter support md5 challenge-response for smtp auth? right now all my outgoing email from my pop accounts just says "smtp cnct" but never sends them out. thanks again.

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