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    I downloaded the trial version of JAWZ DataGator ( and have not had any success to get it running. I encountered crash, freeze and luckily I did use the Backup Module before installing the product. Have any of you any success using the trial version? I have a VPL with no other hack utilities (beside the HackMaster that comes with DataGator). Feedback is appreciated.

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    I tried JAWZ also and ended up deleting it after three days. I love the idea of having this level of security. But the only option was auto-off, that is, JAWZ kicked in every time I turned my Visor off or it fell asleep. I use my unit all day at work, so I ended up having to turn it back on about thirty times a day, which was a major inconvenience. I've configured TealLock so that it locks the unit after it's been off for two hours, at 7pm every day, and if the unit is ever on between 11pm and 4am. Also, when I used JAWZ, my opening screen was the JAWZ logo and that dumb alligator. I got tired of seeing those real quickly. A plain screen with some information about how to contact the owner would be preferable for me.

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