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    Any recomendations for a business software solution for syncing Lotus Notes Calendar, E-mail & Contacts wirelessly. Currently using Verizon wirelessync Client, but after 2 months and countless troubleshooting calls Verizon now states that PC Monitor software does not allow for Contacts synchronization. Now I'm looking for any enterprise solutions. I only have 25 users to monitor. Thanks.
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    Mnotes is one of your few solutions. You can also use bizcon but the machines have to be left on...orrrr you could wait al ittle bit till the blackberry palm software is released, don't hold your breath though it's been in development for like 18 months. Take a look at mnotes, I'm personally not a big fan but it does work on a number of treos in my company.

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    I have used WirelessSync with Notes, but I can tell you it syncs contacts with Exchange just fine. I know this isn't really an answer, but I post because it sounds to me like you just got the big blow off from someone at VZW. WirelessSync is just a rebranded version of an IntelliSync product here you can find here

    If this supports contacts and Notes, then VZW is just blowing you off. Insist on being escalated to IntelliSync support. I have done this is the past and result was problem solved within a day. Be polite, but persistant.
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    I think this depends on the way you implement the wireless sync client. Since Notes used to store the contacts only locally on the PC (although there are newer options to sync them to the server for iNotes and roaming users), I am guessing that the wireless sync client just look at the local copy (or maybe just the support documents the VZW people referenced say this and it has been updated). We only have two users with Verizon and wireless sync, so I run the sync locally and it does work for mail, calendar, contacts, to dos, and memos, but have not tried the multi-user install.
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    Actually WirelessSync totally ignores the local copies. It only syncs with the server - at least when working with Exchange. The documentation and the technical support folks are woefully ignorant of how it works. Both indicate you need to have Outlook installed, so they assume this means it sync with the lcoal copy. However, that is entirely incorrect. Outlook needs to be installed because WirelessSync relies on libraries installed with Outlook. I suspect (don't know) that it works exactly the same way for notes.

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