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    Hi folks,

    Any help y'all could give would be great appreciated!

    I've had Palm desktop for years now, and my current version is 4.1.4
    I believe. I have a Treo 650 connected.

    For the past few days, when I attempt to open my Palm Desktop it just freezes on the "startup" screen (red and gold with PalmOne across it).

    Does anyone know either what it could be or how to fix it?

    Thanks so much and have a great New Year!
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    Is your PC halted at this point? or you start other programs.

    Do you have firewall software installed? Any new PC software installed lately after the Palm Desktop was installed?

    Just trying to get some clarifications.
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    Thanks for the help- my PC is not halted at this point, and I run ZoneAlarm, which has functioned fine with the desktop in the past...
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    Still in need of some help, if at all possible!

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    Oh well, this is a rather annoying bug. The exact reason is stil unclear, for me it happend after I turned fast user switching on.

    Some more insight to be found here:

    I've already contacted Palm about this. There are not aware of the problem and don't know how to fix that.

    Btw, I wasn't able to find a solution, either. Try Agendus for Windows, this doesn't have this problem.
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    Ugh. I reinstalled and everything worked fine for 3 days...

    It just happened again...

    Can anyone help? Thanks...
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    My desktop refuses to open "every now and then" and in the process basically freezes the PC,and all I can do is a complete uninstall/reinstall.
    When I questioned Palm they told me I had corruption in my Username and gave me a set of protocols to fix it.
    These include Hard resets and removing my username from Desktop and then importing files back to desktop to discover which one is corrupted.

    It is the removing username bit that disturbs me and until I have thought thru ALL the options and get the "guts" to try it out I won't.

    will let you know what happens when I do.


    Brisbane Australia
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    I didn't have to do anything more than to delete the current profile by moving it to a different folder. I then did a sync, moved the old program/data files to the backup folder and went from there. This happened only one time about 2 years ago. The current profile got messed up by something...Ben
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    I had the same problem when I used a registry cleaner that cleaned up some sort of active x files. Don't know what it did, but after I ran the cleaner, Palm Desktop would freeze upon opening. I restored the saved registry and Palm Desktop works again. BCA

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