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    i cannot get Gmail to work with Blazer(and Sprint) I keep getting a message that says:
    "Your browser's cookie funtionality is turned off. please turn it on."
    However, when i check, cookies are enabled.
    Any ideas?
    thanks, Bruce
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    You might want to consider deleting the Web Cookies file to clean it up. I do this about once/month.

    From the home screen press menu and then delete. Scroll down until you find "Web Cookies" then delete it.

    Of course you'll have to re-enter all of your cookies. This also will speed up your Blazer.

    If you are unsure about this, do a search. It is harmless.
    BTW - Mobile Gmail works fine on my Sprint Treoo 600
    Good Luck
    iPhone 4S
    Former Treo & Storm Owner
    Cigar Lover
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    thanks, worked like a charm.

    bruce in belle Harbor
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    I can get Gmail mobile to work on my Blazer, but not my WebPro. Any ideas?

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