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    My nearly 2-year old ProClip holster broke yesterday, so I'm shopping for a new one for my T-600. Anyone have comments to offer about the ProClip vs Seidio vs other options?
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    I just got a Sedio skin/holster combo last week. I think it is great.
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    I bought one in 1/05 - loved it but it broke in the arch in 5/05. It was replaced by Seidio under the 6 month warranty, then in 12/05 it broke in the same spot but now not covered by warranty. Only 6 months from original purchase.
    Had lunch with a Treo friend. Told him the story and he pulled out his Seidio Holster. He say this is his second in 8 months. His first broke within 6 months in the arch. Now his second is starting to crack too!

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