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    I inadvertently tried to install an m4p file to my Treo 650. I get the follow error message in the hotsync log: ERROR: The following file(s) could not be installed to the SecureDigital (SD) Card because there is no application on your handheld to open these files. If you have recently installed such an application, please run that application and then perform a HotSync operation.

    How do I remove this file from the install list to avoid receiving the error message everytime I perform a hotsync? The file is not visible when I open the Quick Install.
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    You should be able to remove it from the following folder (or similar)

    C:\program files\palm\username for your device\install - this is where everything is temporarily stored awaiting the loading via hot sync.
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    Thanks for you help. All is well again. :-) I found it here:

    C:\program files\palm\username for your device\iCardInst\Slot-SD

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