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    Just seems odd that GSM models are not supported. Anyone know why?
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    Maybe I'll try to contact the company next week, still makes no sense to me too.
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    Have you ever placed a GSM treo next to your computer speakers or car radio and heard the crackling and such you get when the GSM radio is in use? It becomes very annoying rather quickly. I am sure they are just marking this as a CDMA version only because they didn't want to deal with all the complaints that would stem from the interference provided by the GSM radios. My guess is that the product would work just fine with a GSM treo, as long as the phone radio was turned off, or you could just deal with the crackling noises coming from the speakers of the radio.
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    Never realized that CDMA phones didn't interfere with other electronics, learned something new today and it's still only mid-morning on a Saturday....Thanks!

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