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    I use iTunes to get my music because I really like the program and the quality of the songs that I download from there. My question is, what is the easiest way to get the songs that I download on iTunes into my 650, and what program do I use? Any help on this topic will definately be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Ohhhh. I agree with you that the Itunes download and music play experience is very high quality but you are not going to like the answer. For Itunes downloads (purchased music) the music is protected with DRM (Digital Rights Management)
    This means that Itunes won't allow you to export your ITunes songs to MP3.

    You may be able to burn the songs to CDROM and then re-rip the tracks into MP3.

    There MAY be a palm based player that is smart enough to work with the Apple DRM. I know there are people working on cracking the Apple Itunes encryption method. I don't know if their work as been included in a palm based player. Anybody ?
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    for playing at home or office, you can play via your computer and control via your Treo 650 using salling clicker. check out
    .Treo Pro on Sprint Check out, Audio jack fix.

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