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    Hmmm... Me too. Worked yesterday afternoon, no theaters today, just checked boxes.
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    Im looking into to it now.
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    looking at the yahoo wap page, it looks alot different today. Im assuming they changed things around. So know I have to go back in and change the html parsing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sivil
    I don't think it will. It is pretty small in size though

    Go to this URL with your blazer browser. Nuff said.
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    doesnt work - nice idea though
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    Yahoo has definately changed their data. It shouldnt take me to long to update the GetMovies program. Im wondering if I should switch to another source....maybe moviefone.
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    it looks like I need to find a new source. The yahoo wap page only shows five movies per page now. So after each five are read I would need to do another network call. Not what I want to do.
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    Keep us posted, it was a great app!
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    From experience I can tell you, ripping data out of someone elses webpage for stuff is very tedious, as it changes constantly. I wrote a weather wap script for myself a long time ago that I could browse to on my phone, which every 15m or so would poll, pull out the parts I wanted, and put them where I could view them in one place.

    After the fourth or fifth time of fixing it for layout changes I got tired of doing it. Of course, there are mobile weather sites around now, so it's not a big deal.

    I don't want to discourage your program, as it can be quite handy on the town and "let's see a movei!" kind of situation, but you'll need to look for a simpler movie format to try to parse.

    Here's one that's simpler, but I'm not sure you can directly poll it.. But maybe it will be useful.
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    Your right. It not the best solution. Thats why I only do this with small wap sites. Yahoo is pretty good because it doesnt change that often. I started this because I really just wanted to see if I could do it. If it stopped working all together it wouldnt be the end of the world to me.

    As for the infospace website, I dont think I can poll it.

    Anyway, a new version is coming out soon to fix the problems.
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    Glad to hear it. I realy like the app, very fast and easy.
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    Good deal, Sivil, look forward to it. A one-step movie solution is nice. I can *sometimes* do it from AvantGo if the channel is actually up to date (sometimes has no information in it), or I could use Blazer. But your program I could use at a stoplight pretty easy.

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    Ok, here is the updated version to test. I usually will give this to a few people to test first, but I've been getting alot of email over the last couple of days about this so I thought I would make it available here. Please be advised that this version might cause resets. While it worked for me without any issues, it might not for you. If there are any problems I will try to fix asap. YOU MUST DELETE OLD FIRST because the db structure has changed or you will get resets.
    Since this is a test version, it will only show up to 15 movies per theater (probably enough for most theaters). If there are no problems I will add additional.
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    What am I doing wrong? I can't get the program to display anything at all. I type in a zip code and press "go". It connects to the internet, says it is downloading information and then displays nothing. Any ideas?
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    is this happening for everybody? It works fine in the simulator.
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    I just re-installed the app. I have it working now. Very nice. Thanks!
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    All is good on my T600 w/the new version. Thanks!
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    working great for me - thanks! looking forward to using this a lot!
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    My phone reset when I asked it to Refresh movie times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghiscott

    Go to this URL with your blazer browser. Nuff said.
    That link isn't complete. Try
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