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    How do I perform a "clean" hotsync?

    Here's the situation.... I perform a hard reset and go to sync my Treo back with my computer. It syncronizes Contacts, Calendar, etc. but it also re-installs the old programs that I didn't want back on the Treo.

    Other than deleting the Hotsync manager and reinstalling it, is there a way to prevent this? I realize that I could change my user identity but, this will mess up some of my program registrations.
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    rename your backup folder (the one named after your sync ID)
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    After the hard reset and before you hotsync go to the PC and find the file: C:\program files\palm (or Palm One typically)\username (for the Treo)\backup.

    This backup directory contains all of the backup software but not the PIM information ie contacts, calendar etc....

    Rename backup to backupold.

    When you hot sync after a hard reset the PC will ask you for the user name assigned to the device or if you want to create a new one. Assuming you still want the old user name select it.

    The PC will then create a new backup folder that will fill up with a handful of files that are always backed up......saved_preferences, unsavedpreferences some multimail files and some other stuff.

    You can compare this backup with backupold to see what's different.

    The only thing that is loaded onto the Treo would be your personal data at this time and not other programs.

    You can select the old programs from the backupold and place them in the Quick Install if you want to reload them.

    You'll also see a folder called Archive - it contains any previously deleted programs that had been on the Treo and were deleted prior to the hard reset.
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