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    I just bought a Treo 650 with 1gb SanDisk II Ultra card from ebay for 415.00 shipped I am ecstatic.

    I have been gleaming a lot of great information from this website and I am looking forward to contributing in the future.

    My first question is, since the 650 and the new 700W will have the same processor and just a slightly different...chipset I think it was. Is there a possibility of porting Windows Mobile onto a 650? Would love a WM device, but I want the bigger screen .

    I would also like to hear from some of you about what the *best* is of the following things, you dont have to list something for each, just your opinion of one would be great: (purely opinionated posts are appreciated ;p)

    App: FTP Program
    App: Calculator Emulator(any graphing calc emulators/apps out there?)
    App: Student Planner
    Game: Strategy/Tactical
    Game: Puzzle
    Game: RPG/Adventure
    Game: Texas Hold 'Em

    Thanks folks!

    P.S. Do we have a secret treonaut handshake?
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    Welcome aboard to T/C!

    As far as porting the WM 5.0 to 650, probably won't work because of diff. screen support and memory structure. It has been brought up for discussion on prior threads.

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