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    Does anyone have recommendations for a BT headset to be used with in-the-ear hearing aids? (That means that I wear two hearing aids that are in my ear, and therefore I cannot wear any headset that has ear-buds protruding into my ear. I currently use a Plantronics wired headset that goes over my ear, and works just fine ó except that Iím tied by wires ...)
    Thanks, Mark
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    The Palm Treo BT headset has a fairly flat speaker that just rests against the ear. The Motorola H850 is very similar.
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    Hi Mark,
    The Plantronics M3000 sits outside (rather than in) the ear. It's been out a few years, but works well and is a Plantronics. (I confess, I'm a Plantronics fan. ) I prefer in the ear headsets, and found this to be too loose a fit for me although otherwise a good headset.

    Here's a CNET writeup with user reviews.
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    I appreciate the information, Zane and Karen.
    Do you know of anyone with hearing aids who has used any of these? Iíve got top-of-the-line hearing aids (Phonak Savia) but ...
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    Hi Mark - Certainly, a valid question. My response was based on personal experience with the headset, but no direct knowledge of using the headset with a hearing aid.

    Just did a Google search, and found it's definitely not easy to get definitive information about which bluetooth headsets are hearing aid compatible. I did notice a user posting on cnet about the Treo bluetooth headset (a headset that Zane mentioned, above). Here's that post .

    I also saw some positive mentions about the Cardo Scala 500 (here's a link, you'll need to page down) and hearing aid compatibility, but that headset appears to be out of stock on Amazon and other online stores I visited.
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    Mark - I wear in ear hearing aids (Diva) I have experimented with several Bluetooth headsets. Including Motorola 850, Palm and Jabra 350 . All seem to work fairly well with hearing aids. Also, you should upgrade to the latest software. For Cingular it is 1.17 plus three letters which vary depending upon the particular Treo. What is really cool is that the phone will automatically selct between the in car Bluetooth and the headset depending upon which one is on.
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    I found a couple of other online comments also from hearing aid wearers. The Motorola 850 / Palm Treo BT come up frequently in what Iíve been able to discover. (Theyíre the same thing, evidently.)
    Thanks ó itís comforting to hear from an experienced wearer!

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