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    I seem to be having a problem with Snappermail and I think it's the Auto task time feature. I didn't change the auto task time from the default of 3:05 am and every morning when I turn my Treo on, it flashes the Snapper screen and immediately shuts off. When I turn it on again, the security app screen shows up. I'm thinking that since the Treo is in locked mode when the auto task feature kicks in (even though there's nothing I have set to do, ie, Never remove mail and Keep mail in RAM), there's something weird going on with Snapper and the security app. Any ideas how to get this to NOT happen? I'm using Snapper Enterprise. Thanks!
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    1. Change the Auto Task time to some time later in the day
    2. Don't lock your phone at night
    3. Install a 3rd party security app, like TealLock, that will let specific apps, of your choice, operate even when your device is locked
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