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    Sorry if this is a re-post, I couldn't find a thread just like this

    In a nutshell: the Messaging app crashed and took all my SMSes with it!! How can I bring my messages back?

    The nuttree: I was composing an SMS message when I had to turn away for an interview. During the interview another SMS came in.

    After the interview was over I took a look. I could read part of the SMS in the "Inbox" view, but when I click on it (in chat mode), I could only see the 'old' SMSes and the unfinished one I was composing.

    So I figured, "maybe I could see it in non-chat mode." So I went to Preference and changed the mode to non-chat. The Treo said wait a moment or whatever the dialog box said.

    Suddenly my Treo reset itself; apparently it crashed.

    When I've got my Treo back, I went back to 'Messaging', and I found that all my messages are gone!! Gasp!!

    Things that might matter:
    - Just a couple of days ago I used Dataviz Tech Tool to "Move Applications To Handheld"

    Well, OK, not "things", just "thing"

    My question is: Can I get my messages back, or have they gone to that big great message bin in the sky? Perhaps there's a Messages Database somewhere that I can change the type using FileZ? Something I can do? Anything? Please?

    Edit: oops, found this thread: <;topicseen>

    Is there anything I can do to the "Messages Database.pdb" file to make the 'Messaging" app recognize it as the old SMS database?

    Actually, I found a file called "SMS file" or something like that, using FileZ. I changed the name to "Messages Database", change the Type to "MsDb" and Creator to "MsSt", and Version ID to 11

    But the Messaging App still doesn't recognize that file; the messages are still lost.

    What else should I do?
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    if you have hotsynced lately your messages are stored in the backup folder (messages db) on your pc
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