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    What's New In Version 6.0a (Major New Release)
    New features in V-6.0a

    Major Features
    Today Screen with multiple display options including ability to create and edit new appointments and ToDO's and check them off without leaving that screen. Also optionally displays status of VersaMail, phases of the moon, next upcoming alarm and has options to create an alternate or two-color gradient background. Tap on Appt./ToDo to bring up Details, Tap&Hold to go to Day View with item selected. Tap&Hold on date line to go to that day in the day view. Tap on VersaMail line to launch VersaMail.
    Handles location and birthday fields on newer PalmOne devices
    Alarm Manager dialog replaces Next Alarm function - now shows up to 50 future alarms with ability to go directly to that event, also suppress alarm sound until a specific time and displays Days/Hrs/Mins. to next alarm. Also implements a special <NoAlarms> tag in an event which silences all Datebk alarms while that event is in progress
    Todo Sort - allows ToDo's to be sorted on the basis of up to 11 criteria in either ascending/descending order and also to suppress the display of ToDo's based upon those criteria. Custom ToDo Sorting now applies to both integrated display and the SplitScreen display
    Monthly View has a text option to display text of appointments on hi-rez screens (tight, but quite usable, esp. if screen supports landscape mode).
    Context-sensitive popup lists for appointments and ToDo's are now completely user-definable and allow selection of up to 30 different options in any position. Setting the list empty disables the Tap&Hold and setting it to just one item, invokes that item directly.
    Set/Adjust Date/Time of multiple items in List View - allows you to change the date and/or time of appointments or ToDo's to either a fixed date/time or adjust them by an offset, forwards or backwards.
    Saved Views can now have a repeat attribute, start date and independent start/end times. This allows saved views to be automatically triggered and exited at any time of the day and also to follow a repeat specification like repeat events. This replaces the prior, more limited feature of automatically hiding and displaying categories (which has now been removed since it is redundant).
    Adds Urgency attribute to ToDo's which can be used to implement Franklin Covey style prioritization. Urgency is supported in the ToDo sorting and displayed in the Day, List and Today Views.
    Minor Features

    Display Today's date letter in red at top of screen in Day View
    Displays next event in current day (if any) with red time field
    Can now create new events in all views, not just the day view as before
    Adds Include Hidden Categories checkbox to Find/Filter dialog so filtered split-screen display includes all occurrences including items in currently hidden categories
    Implements special <NK> tag for note field of a floating reminder to indicate that it should not be removed when the reminder catches up to today: instead it starts to display a + sign, so [+2] would indicate a reminder for an event that occurred two days earlier. <NK> tag can be placed in original event so that floating reminder, when created, has this attribute set.
    Preference has been added to allow logging of completed ToDo's and Events (both floating and regular) to the Daily Journal along with time stamp of completion (ToDo Preferences).
    Increases size of clipboard inside of DateBk6 from PalmSource standard value of 1,000 characters to the full note limit (32k on newer PalmOne Devices, 4k on other Palm OS devices) so an entire note or memo can always be copied and pasted (from within DateBk6). Items copied or cut are also placed on system clipboard, but truncated to the maximum size that it can handle.
    Daily Journal Template can now have a time or alarm setting which will then appear in newly created journals.
    Recent Icons list is invoked by tapping on the down-arrow button on the top line of Icon Selection Dialog which then pops up a list of the last 14 icons which were selected.
    Note View now supports the use of the four small fonts on High Density devices as well as the four large fonts (Font Dialog in Note View now has Normal/Small selection list). This also applies to editing memos and the note field of Contacts when accessed via Split-Screen.
    Shading of days of month now supported in weekly views as well as monthly and yearly views and the color of the shade is now a user-defined preference option.
    Allows up to four separate icons to be specified in the List View for filtering the display.
    Important Note:
    Note that DateBk6 now requires two prc files to be installed. Due to size limitations in the Palm OS development tools, the program had to be split up into two separate modules. DateBk6 has a new registration system. Registration codes from DateBk3 or Datebk4/5 will not work with Datebk6. The upgrade to DateBk6 from DateBk5 will be free to users who purchased DateBk5 or a Datebk5 upgrade on or after January 1, 2005.


    Note: The following section is only intended for Power Users who want to know every single issue and fix that have been applied in all prior interim releases.

    Fixes in V-6.0a, p2

    Fixes security problem in Today view of allowing selection and viewing of details/description of a masked event/ToDo.
    Fixes some minor memory management issues (although those fixed do not appear to be ones that might have resulted in any crash).
    Avoids the Alarm Manger finding an alarm on the template date if no alarms were set for the next fourteen years.
    Fixes problem of the highlight bar in the Today view (using 5-way navigator) not properly selecting the lines when in Small or Tiny View mode.
    Fixes problem of New and Lock buttons in the Graphical weekly view and New button in the List View not being properly relocated when the screen size is being changed or screen rotated (on devices with extended screens).
    Avoids reset if you tap on the ToDo line that displays the number of ToDo's and you have the preferences set to display no ToDo's (i.e. the status line is the only line to display).
    Reschedules alarms after the Delete All command in the Record menu of the List View (this was a flaw that has also always been in DateBk5).
    Fixes in V-6.0a, p1

    Fixes the problem of red time for next appt sometimes being displayed on the next event if the event it should have been displayed on had just scrolled off the top of the screen.
    Fixed problem of birthdays displaying past cutoff date in List View
    End date in list view stored in Saved Views with a relative date is now adjusted when the saved view is invoked.
    Fixes problem of not removing completely null appointments that have a tagged note field when created from any view other than the Day View (Day View was always ok).
    Fixes in V-6.0a, b8

    Fixes the NULL HANDLE error which could occur under some circumstances when deleting a ToDo
    Fixes problem of the wrong ToDo being called up from the Today Dialog
    Adds keyboard handling to ToDay View for calling up saved views dialog and crossing off a ToDo/Float with option/period and option/backspace-backspace.
    Now displays check-off circle for floating events just before description, so that timed floating events now also display the checkoff circle.
    Fixes in V-6.0a, b7

    Fixes problem of getting MemResizeHandle Failed?! error when crossing off a ToDo created in DateBk5 with a note and a tag.
    Fixes problem of a corrupt urgency field crashing the routine that allows you to change it.
    Fixes in V-6.0a, b6

    Fixes problem of Alarm Manager displaying alarms without paying attention to the Alarm preference settings for that category.
    Fixes problem of getting a spurious alarm adjusted message in Alarm Manager when 24hr+ option was selected but not propagated to all saved views (it should have been automatically globalized across all saved views).
    If there is no explicit ToDo icon, now displays icon associated with ToDo category in the Today View.
    Fixes a bunch of reported issues having to do with general stability (MemHandle errors, "ghosting" etc.).
    Implements range filtering for ToDo's based on urgency level associated with each category (i.e. like ToDo's) - set in the Category profile dialog for ToDo Categories.
    The Text color option in the View Display Options dialog of the Today View has now been changed so there is an option to replace the color of all text items with the designated color (check the Replace checkbox). If the checkbox is checked, the color is forced on all items. Otherwise, whatever color is displayed there is used as a default for non-colored items, and the default is black (so black text would remain black).
    Fixes in V-6.0a, b5

    Fixed spurious Unmapped OS5 Font error when displaying an item in Large or LargeBold font in the Today View
    Fixes problem of not being able to remove/change the Urgency field on ToDo's if there are no other attributes on the ToDo that would otherwise cause an extended tag to be generated in the note field.
    Fixes new issue in B4 of losing the background on the top line of the Today View when the date/time is updated.
    Found and fixed several locking issues in SavedViews database - most likely they were responsible for the unexpected crashes after Datebk6 had been running for 15 minutes or so. Anyone having that problem should now re-test this.
    Ensured that tapping outside of any popup preference panel selection list does not exit that preference panel.
    Fixed problem of not supporting transparency in small icons displayed in Small/Tiny Font mode in Today View on hi-rez screens.
    Added No Birthdays field to Advanced Settings dialog to prevent the display of birthdays from the Contacts Database (for those users that want to avoid duplicate entries etc.).
    Added scan of birthday database to Monthly view if displaying icons so Birthday Icon shows up in that view
    Swapped positions of Today View and Custom View buttons in all views so Today comes after List View (more consistent) note that you may need to adjust your preference settings to accommodate this change.
    Added preference option to today view so you can view Up to One Week, Today or (new) Today and Tomorrow.
    Added Small Bold and Tiny Bold size options in Today View so all text is in bold.
    Changed default on Today View to display gradient color on initial install if device is OS/4 and can display color (might be problematic on some older OS/4 devices, but should be ok).
    Fixed problem of title too long in Today View causing last digit of day number to get lost.
    Added option in Monthly view to Hide Floating Events
    Fixes problem of snoozed alarm not sounding.
    Fixes in V-6.0a, b4

    Fixed problem of crashing when selecting a ToDo in the Today screen with 5-way navigator (Tapping was ok).
    Fixed problem of potentially getting an Open MemoDB error right after registering (with the checkbox checked to save the registration in the memo database).
    Fixes problem of Last Alarm feature in Alarm Manager not displaying the correct date/time if you have exited Datebk6 after the last alarm went off.
    Ensures that the Force 8-bit Color Mode preference setting is automatically applied to all saved views as a global preference (obviously makes no sense to make it a saved-view-dependent preference setting).
    Ensures that the preference setting in the View Display Options dialog of the Today view does not display the popup list for font size selection on devices other than Handera, SonyHi-Rez and other Palm OS devices with HighDensity Option present.
    Made minor adjustments to display of Small font items in Today View (tightened up leading by one pixel, increased number of items to display by 1 and 2 for square/portrait modes respectively), shifted standard Today View down by one pixel as top row of icon had no separation from bottom row of title line.
    Fixed problem of not unlocking preference record when upgrading preference database or launching repeat saved view (Each time the view was relaunched, the lock count would increase, so after 15 re-launches, there would probably be a reset with a chunk overlock error).
    Added feature to allow up to four separate icons to be used for filtering the display in the list view.
    Fixed problem of date sometimes appearing as 0/0/1904 in the Details dialog when creating a new appt.
    Fixed potential problem of having a mismatched/missing resource database possibly causing DateBk6 to crash without any informative error message.
    Fixed crash problem of double-tapping a ToDo in the Alarm Manager list (and possibly an Appt as well) on newer PalmOne devices.
    Fixed problem of date on top line of Today View getting scrambled if the number of digits in the hours changed (i.e. 9a to 10a or vice-versa).
    Fixes problem of 5-way navigator button not being usable in the Location Dialog. There's still one fuzzy issue - if you press Rocker Right, the focus moves to the OK button rather than unhighlighting the string and moving to the end of the field (only on initial entry to the dialog).
    Fixes in V-6.0a, b3

    Fixes problem of tapping OK button in location dialog when field is completely blank and unchanged.
    Adds advanced settings preference to force Datebk6 to run in 8-bit color mode on a 16-bit device because of serious bugs in the Palm OS on that device (T5 for example). Note that gradient colors won't work properly in 8-bit mode as there aren't enough colors to make it look good.
    Avoids having backspace exit Split-Screen dialog if insert pointer is in the field for editing the Creator ID
    Fixed problem of repeat dialog not appearing from Details dialog.
    Modified to never display undated ToDo's in the Today view regardless of current setting in ToDo Sort preferences.
    Fixes problem of silent alarm feature in Alarm Manager only silencing the first repetition of the alarm sound, not subsequent repetitions.
    Fixes problem of monthly view in text mode not properly re-adjusting to display six lines in portrait mode and not properly highlighting today in portrait mode (Square mode was ok).
    Fixes problem of Today View displaying the wrong day of week name if start of week was set to a day other than Sunday (date was correct, but day of week name was wrong).
    Fixed problem in monthly view with text of drawing the shaded background behind text on the wrong days if the week started on a day other than Sunday.

    C. E. Steuart Dewar (aka CESD), Pimlico Software, Inc.
    Wisdom sheds light on the knowledge you have accumulated

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    So much for the "limited" testing that CESD wants ...

    But.. now that the cat's out of the bag, please provide feedback if you want Datebk6 to fully support the extra fields that PalmOne includes in the data "blob" in their new databases for meeting location, attendees and organizer.

    This will be of special interest to users of corporate Outlook who use PalmOne's Outlook conduit.
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    Oh boy,
    merry christmas to me!!

    Datebook is the best program on my Treo, without doubt!

    Hope everyone had a nice Christmas.
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    The upgrade to DateBk6 from DateBk5 will be free to users who purchased DateBk5 or a Datebk5 upgrade on or after January 1, 2005.
    So much for the 'free upgrade to next version' that Pimlico promised when I purchased DateBK5 *before* 01/01/05.....
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    If you have that in an e-mail or receipt, forward that to Pimlico.
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    I having some problems with the new update (Treo 650 DateBK6 P2 release).

    Whenever I add Urgency letters to my todos I get a reset after doing about 4 to 5 of them in a row. I tried to load DB6 without any preference settings and had the same problem. Could someone give it a try and see if you get the same reset?
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    Quote Originally Posted by deer8
    I having some problems with the new update (Treo 650 DateBK6 P2 release).

    Whenever I add Urgency letters to my todos I get a reset after doing about 4 to 5 of them in a row. I tried to load DB6 without any preference settings and had the same problem. Could someone give it a try and see if you get the same reset?
    Open your ToDo Categories preferences screen, open each category, select the dropdown next to "Urgency", choose "All" (do this even if All is already displayed) and tap OK. Then perform a soft reset and try again. If that doesn't help, you may need to delete and readd each todo that was created under DB5 for which you wish to create an urgency.
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    Thanks Bill. That might seem to be my only hope.
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    Meh... I played with DateBk6 preview and now ALL of my calendar entries have notes attached to them.. I didn't make ANY new entries, etc, just poked around to see what's changed since 5.4. I'm currently using Agendus.

    Very annoying.
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    Based on the numbering it looks like Datebk6 has moved from Beta to preview releases. Is preview 3 close to being a releaseable product? I only want to move off of Databk5 to something that is very stable.
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    I'd wait a few weeks, based on the posts in the Yahoo group.

    All Datebk users should participate there for all kinds of insight and information.
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    If the app is in 'beta' or 'preview' and you don't want instability then you should wait until the production app is out. Each version of DateBk6 has been very stable for me, however, I expect it not to be based on its version state.
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    Hmm.. thats annoying, I can no longer cycle through the various views using the date book hard button (I have set the preferences to do this; they were by default as I had it set up with the previous version).

    Apart from that, the update looks good.

    Edit- restored a two day old Saved Preferences DB and it now works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by checkmate
    So much for the 'free upgrade to next version' that Pimlico promised when I purchased DateBK5 *before* 01/01/05.....
    I think you are getting confused with DB5 being a Free Upgrade to previous DB3 & 4 users.

    If you use you can go back and check on the DB5 website, going back to 2003 at least.
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    can someone post a screenshot of datebk6 today screen?
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    I've already uninstalled it, but it's got a long way to go before it can compete with 2Day as far as today screens go.
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    Here you are:
    Attached Images Attached Images
    It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer- Albert Einstein.

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    I don't know where I got the idea of a free upgrade from. I guess I'm thinking of a different piece of software. or it's all a.....CONSPIRACY!!
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