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    I tried to search but I did not come up with anything to do what I was looking for. I am looking for an application that will allow me to block SMS alerts while I am on a call. I always have my phone on vibrate and it is annoying to be talking on the phone and to get a text message that vibrates right in my ear and is annoying to the other callers.

    Anybody know any applications that would allow me to block the alert or at least supress the alert for SMS while I am on the phone?
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    try callfilter
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    TreoGuard and PhoneTechnician are other options
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    As are Butler and Volumecare
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    I've been using VolumeCare that seems to work fairly well. I wish it was somehow able to keep the alert for the text message so I would now I had a message when I saw the blinking asterik. Luckily most times I end a phone call I'm in the phone app and can see the text message notification there.

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