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    I have installed Zlauncher in RAM. But it cannot locate any plugins. All the plugin that came with ZL are on the card in the Palm/programs/zlauncher/plugins folder. Which is also where I keep all the themes and backgrounds. I don't have any trouble finding the themes or backgrounds on the card.

    I have tried moving the plugins to RAM and also to the card launcher level. But still when I go to ZL prefs it doesn't show any plugins are installed.

    Can anyone please give me a clue?

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    Read the manual, it's spelled out very clearly in there. You have to install it in ram then go into the prefs and enable the plug in there somewhere, then set a place for the plugin to show up.
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    Thank you, certainly I read the manual before posting here. Like I stated in my orginal post, I DID install it in RAM and I DID go the ZL prefs and could not enable the plugin because it wasn't there in the list " No plugins were in the available plug in list". Had there been plugins in the list then I would have set a place for the plugin to show up.

    Can anyone else give me a good clue as to what is going on with my plug ins.

    J. Robin
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    What ZL plug-in are you trying to add? Have you tried with ZL's stock "Today" plug-in?
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    I have tried all the stock plugins that came with the ZL software. Nothing will show up in the "Select plug in List"

    J. Robin
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    I thought I read somewhere that you can't run plugins from the card (because they're active programs and not just jpegs). I've never actually tried though. Maybe you can load the plugin to RAM and link them then load them back to the card.

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