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    Haven't seen much about Epocrates in a while. I have been a longtime user--one of the first actually based on the fact that my username is my last name and it's one of the most common names around. And, I still like it.

    For what it's worth, I was under the impression that Epocrates (at least the free version that I am using) could not be moved to the card. However, I recently switched to Zlauncher (after previously using PowerRun) and I have finally moved most of Epocrates (>3Megs) to the card. In general terms, this is what I did:

    1. Deleted the applications that don't work in the free version (the things that show up on the black-bag tab, such as lab, dx, ID, etc.) Also check their creator types and delete all the associated files. If you sync, they will return, though. You can do all this with FILEZ. This is worthwhile doing even if you don't move it to the card, because it trims quite a bit.

    2. I do use some of the free addons such as the Stat Cholesterol and HTN applications in the blag-bag icon. These can be made freestanding by using FILEZ to uncheck hidden, check launchable, and uncheck resource DB status (your device will reset after saving the latter). Then move them to the card (in PALM/Launcher). It's a good idea also to make a shortcut to them, because they tend to revert back to the resource DB status and then not show up in the launcher; with a shortcut, they can still be launched.

    3. Then move the main Epocrates app. to the card with Zlauncher. There are something like 34 files, but it starts reasonably quickly. (It would reset the device before I did step 2, but I can't really see why that would be important, since these are optional anyway.)

    -Of course, syncing will be a headache, because everything has to be moved back to RAM. I just don't see a need to sync very often, though. I am not too worried about having drug information that's a few months old.

    -The autodupdate application is still on there. You can delete this, but you will get a warning when you start up Epocrates.
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    There are still a few VERY large databases "strings-nc-2.pbd" at 1596 K that don't move with Zlauncher. I move that by hand if I need more memory and know I won't be needing epocates for a few days. Deleting Lab, Doc alert, etc can get a a Mb or two back. Don't you sometimes resent what a memory hog epocates is? I switched to Davis Drug for a while which does reside mostly on the card but I found that I was very touchy about being moved and inactivated itsself so often that I am back to epocrates.
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    I had heard rumblings that they were going to provide this function to users. Have you emailed their support folks to see if this is coming?
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    Maxy, if you go to the prefrences for ZLauncher and check the "show hidden items", all the little icons for epocrates/black bag/ID etc show up. You can then tap hold each one to move to card with its own shortcut. I tried to move all of them to card. Cleared more than 6mb, but did not work well. Have to try one at a time when I have some time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tts52
    There are still a few VERY large databases "strings-nc-2.pbd" at 1596 K that don't move with Zlauncher.
    Nope, this file moves to the card. I attached a Windows view of the directory structure of the card. There are 34 files that move to the card. Note that the application that moves is "Rx", not "Epocrates", and it leaves behind a generic icon in the Zlauncher shortcut.
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    I have been back and forth with their support for a client of mine that uses the program. She provided me with a copy so I can experiment and pretty much did the same as above. I am trying to convince them a way to allow the installation to go directly to the card without having to do the extra steps. i'll keep you all posted.
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    Played around with it some more. Everything but one tiny file is now moved to the card. In sum, these are the steps (to the best of my recollection):

    1. Find all the programs in the "blackbag" medtools tab. Use FileZ to uncheck hidden, check launchable, then save, then re-open and uncheck resource DB, then save (Treo will reset). After restart move each of these to the card with Zlauncher. Note that Fahr/Cels has the name TempConv. These files will now all be stand alone and the blackbag icon will disappear.
    2. Delete the Medtools file and all of its associated files (eMPL creator) or move to a backup directory on the card, more preferably. (This file seems to create problems when it's left around.)
    3. Move the main epocrates application (based on its icon) with Zlauncher. 35 files with the creator type NC2 should move to the Rx subdirectory in Palm/Apps/Zlauncher/Rx.
    4. Delete the autoupdate application and everything with its creator type (Aupd, if I am remembering correctly).
    5. Somehow I ended up with EpAppList (it's just 3k) back in the RAM. When I tried to delete it I got a reset, so I would just leave it there. Except for that file, delete any of the remaining files--they'll have creator type epXX where XX is a number.

    -While trying all these things out I would sometimes get a reset or the application wouldn't launch. If that happens, just move everything back to RAM and check that it works and try again.
    -Sorry to be vague, but I don't remember everything exactly. I do now that I freed up about 4 Megs of RAM and substantially cleaned up the mess that Epocrates makes. Of the ~56 Epocrates files, 35 are now on the card, one is in RAM, and the rest are deleted.
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    Toysoft had an app that supported the older version of Epocrates to the card, but it hasn't been updated for ages and doesn't work with the latest ver of epoc. It would be nice if a dev could update this imo...

    However, I've long since moved on from bloatware piece of crap that Epoc is imo...
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    What do you use, gfunk?
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