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    I did a search and came up dry on this one...

    I was looking for a PTunes addin (a gizmo that uses the PTunes API) that works off the IR (i.e., accepting IR input to control PTunes via their API). If I couldn't find what I was looking for, I was considering writing my own.

    Here's generally what I'm looking to do setup-wise:
    - Treo 650 is plugged into AUX jack of stereo (with audio adapter)
    - Stereo remote control can be used to control PTunes via Addin/API

    In short, the Treo 650 working just like a stereo component, controlled by the stereo remote control; and the IR commands are mapped/stored via a learning remote Palm program.

    Has anyone seen a gizmo out there already (and/or any developers out there already working on it)?

    If it exists (or will exist), I won't bother with it myself... But I thought it might make an interesting addin for PTunes.
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    Please read the guys po
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    Please read the guys post completely. That link you provided was for something completely different than what he's talking about.

    jgs pda
    I use my T600 connected to my home stereo PC In line and would love to be able to control my treo via ir with a remote. If you write it, I will buy it!
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    Sounds like a good idea, but for an ipod or a wifi palm. What happens if your phone rings? SMS? emails?. Plus your Stereo remote is probably the size of the treo and has no display and no feedback.

    The setup I have is pretty cool for audio. I have a spare laptop running XP with Windows Media, Winamp and itunes (soon), all controlled via my treo with a bluetooth connection to the laptop. The laptop is connected to my home stereo and also my home computer via WiFi. I have all my music coming from my home computer and I use it to download and rip music.

    I control all the audio using a program Salling Clicker. I can walk around the house and select what I want to hear and volume.... and get feedback on my palm like song title, length, artist, album, year, even artwork. check it out here for more info
    .Treo Pro on Sprint Check out, Audio jack fix.
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    That sounds like the best setup overall (WinXP media unit). I've been eyeing some stuff on Newegg, so maybe I'll make that my pet project instead.

    FYI: I did some testing using an IR "listening" gizmo (to test how viable an IR solution would be)... The IR on the Treo 650, when receiving, is weak (just like sending). The best I could get is about 5 feet, with the remote control pointed in-line/directly at the top of the unit...which makes the whole idea pretty much useless. If anything, a bt solution would be the only thing that would work effectively. But that would require a separate remote contol unit (or additional hardware), which again, makes my whole idea/concept fairly useless.

    I guess it goes back to the whole argument that a Treo is not an iPod.

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