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    Hi everyone. I'm looking at getting a treo soon and can't decide b/w the 650 or the 700. I understand that the 700 isn't out yet and specifications really haven't been given, but should I hold out on getting this 650 or should I get it? Is the only thing that is different b/w the two the operating system? I've heard pro's and con's of both. pro's saying that it's better for compatability, con's say they like the palm os better. never having owned a smartphone like this or a pda puts me in the dark about this type of stuff. Thanks for your help, and Happy Holidays

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    That whole better compatibility thing is a myth. Neither works better with Windows than the other - though bear in mind that the 650 works with Mac out of the box, whereas the 700w will require additional software. The 700w will also be the first WM device for Palm, and knowing how complicated smartphone devices are, the thing will likley have several glitches out of the gate - especially since this is a first-try in the WM arena for Palm. I'd go with the 650 because it's been well established and had most of the wrinkles ironed out.
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    I work at a large firm and we have all kinds of PDAs in the building. I have yet to see my windows friends be able to do anything that I can't do, all be it I might have to get a 3rd party app, many times for free of less than $10. But there is many things that i can do with free apps that they can't. If the Windows guys want to add some software they usually have to pay a lot more and the selection is still far more limited than for the Palm. I'm always saying check out this cool little app I got.

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    you want ease of use, get a PalmOS device.
    you want ease of being used (as in "screwed"), get a WorM device.
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    I just got my first treo a couple days ago, but in the past I have had other palm devices that were simular. One thing I have noticed is, bugs and glitches within most of their new devices they seem to release...granted alot of them are software issues, but problems nonetheless.

    I would stick to somthing that seems to out there, where there are people that can help you on sites like these regarding your new hardware.

    Stick with the 650 for now =]
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    There is a thread area for the upcoming 700w. Check it out.

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