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    i just bought an unlocked treo 600 from amazon. i bought a prepaid sim card from cingular. i was told by the cingular rep that i should plugin the sim card and do the following.
    *888*PIN# send while doing this procedure i forgot to do the # at the end of the pin.
    Shortly after I did this I got an SMS from cingular saying the phone is ready for text sms messaging.

    Phone also shows Cingular in the upper left hand corner of the screen. There are 2-3 bars as well for the service.
    I cannot dial out it just returns back to the dial pad. When I dail the number given to me by the Cingular Rep from the land line, it gives a busy tone.

    I am not sure what's going on. Is it possible that the mistake I made in entering the PIN could be a problem or the phone is defective to start with or it's not unlocked, even though the Amazon site said that it was unlocked?

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
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    Please don't cross post.

    See if you can borrow and use other telephone provider's SIM, if it is locked, it will give you a different message.

    Not really familiar with the Cingular prepaid activation process, you may need to call them again.

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