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    Hiya folks. Back again with my second n00b question

    I purchased my treo the other day and had it activated on my exsisting account. My account has what was reffered to as "unlimited browsing" on my old phone. This web browsing however, wasnt really "web browsing". My phone only supported WAP browsing so I had unlimited bandwidth with that, including ringtone downloads etc. This was only $8/month.

    Now that I have a treo, I am still paying this $8/month, and I dont even use any wap on this phone. I tried out verichat and it works sweet!

    My question is, am I racking up a new data bill? I'd assume that the data sent when I log online with my Treo is different than my old phone, but I just dont know how that works, because my Treo said "connecting to the bell mobility 1X network", just like my old one did.

    Does anyone know if my provider is charging me more now? Or is the network that Im logging onto are the same regardless of which phone I am using? Is the WAP stuff just a software issue on the phone, or is it a completely different network?

    I hope I explained myself here hehe.
    THanks very much.
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    I would say call your provider and verify that you can use web browsing/data use with the Treo and the current data plan that you have. With Sprint, I paid $15 a month for my Vision services so I can do WAP and transfer pictures, etc. Right before I hit the register with the 650 (purchased from CompUSA because of their replacement plan), I verified with Customer Service that the $15 I was paying is all I need and they confirmed it.

    Just CYA. If I was in your position I would call your provider to verify just in case...It never hurts to ask.
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    Yeah, I really should call them. I was just debating because I wouldnt want them to turn around and modify my account with a $60 plan for unlimited data (the current price the blackberries and stuff are going for right now).

    I may just take it reaaaaaaaally easy on the data right now, like just use a meg or so, and wait until I get my next bill to make sure.

    It appears you had the same deal as me. Thanks for the response. I hope I can keep my current plan
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    Who's your provider? Is your phone CDMA?

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