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    I have installed the Parrot CK 3000 Evolution into my BMW 330. I used the Autoleads from Siocommunications, making the device truly "plug-n-play." It automatically mutes the stereo and switches my display to say "Phone" whenever in use. The install was only complicated by trying to fit all the wires/harnesses behind the stereo. For that, it took me a couple of hours and a few bloody knuckles.

    I can hear everyone beautifully. Truly excellent sound quality. However, the microphone is not pickup up my voice very well, especially with the top down, but even with it up. I have tried two different microphones with the same response.

    I have heard that by switching the power leads this may make a difference, but I wanted to get some advice first, since I really don't want to open up all my interior trim again.
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    By the way, I found that the unit would not hold some of my settings, so I tried switching the leads. There was no difference.

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