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    Hey everyone,
    After numerous searching it seems that Chatter is the only email app that allows you to fetch new email in the background (unlike Snapper). I was wandering if there were any other email programs out there that has this same feature...

    The ability to check email in background is very important to me, as I hate getting distracted when I'm doing other work...Any advice is much appreciated thanks!
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    Sprint users: Sprint business connect
    Cingular users: Xpress Mail

    These will get e-mail (almost) instantly from Exchange servers (corporate Outlook email).

    Almost any e-mail program (including Versamail) can be set up to check every XX minutes and download e-mails without human intervention.
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    My advise is to get Chatter and don't fool around with the others. Chatter is the best, especially with imap email. Nothing wrong with Snapper, it just doesn't do what Chatter does.
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    Verizon: Wireless synch.

    I dont want to buy another program for 30$ for something Verizon offers with data plan: wirelesssynch. You can set it up for push email - I think for one email account. What more do most people want? I am sure there are many out there who want it all.
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    thanks for the tips
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    Chatter is great and has a fully functional 30 day trial

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