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    Hiya guys. I just got my first treo and I think its pretty cool.
    I used to have a palm pilot so I am semi familiar with the pda stuff but I just have one thing confusing me.

    I noticed that when I am on the phone menu, and go to Options, there is a "Phone Lock" option. When I try to make any changes there it seems to ask me for my password, a 4 digit number. This password clearly isnt the same as the one you set in security on the palm menu to hide documents etc so I am kinda confused as to what this does

    Thanks very much for your time.

    PS- On a side note, my old cell phone I could set different ringtones for different people calling so I knew who it was that was calling. I dont see this as an option. I have downloaded the Ringo app from the palm website. Its a great program however I have to make seperate entries for the ringtones to take affect. Are there not any applications that let me associate a ringtone to an entry in the address book without creating an entire second database of numbers?
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    Welcome to the Treo world, your first question your security code should be the same all around, or some carriers use your last 4#'s in your phone number to unlock (I think they do). Second question, I use LightWav Pro, works well for me, do a search in this forum, you'll find many answers. Again, welcome & congrats your a Treo geek now
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    haha thanks for the reply, its appreciated!

    Yeah actually I tried Mring, and that assigns ringers based on the contact book too! That's exsactly what I wanted, however, I had to delete it.

    It seems it would have problems with overlapping ringers. I would be forced to turn all sounds off everywhere else in the phone, including vibration. So when I mute the phone with the button on the top it would technically not vibrate or anything, so I would miss the call. Also, volume control would have to be done through the Mringer software itself, which kinda bites hehe.

    UPD: Ok I have tried Lightwave. Seems like it might be somthing I am interested in however I cant get any sound out of it. I cant preview my mp3s on there eithor. Any ideas? Im really starting to wish palm included all this stuff in the address book since alot of other phones have it lol.
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